Meta Fund

The Meta Fund is a collective of successful entrepreneurs and seasoned operators that leverages world-class deal flow to co-invest in early-stage startups; we back approximately one startup every month over the course of a year.

Builders Backing Builders

We write code and we write checks; we design interfaces, build products, and companies with experience growing from R&D, to M&A, through IPO. Our mission is to bring together intimate groups of like-minded operators and angel investors to help support more entreprenuers on their adventure from zero-to-one. Some of our Limited Partners include:

Martin Ringlein

Marty is an active angel investor and serial entrepreneur with pre-IPO exits to Twitter, Eventbrite, and Brex.

Will Hubbard

Will is a seasoned operator and entrepreneur with two successful exits, his first he started while at Berkeley.

Ruben Meiland

Ruben is a seasoned entrepreneur and passionate product executive with over 25 years of experience building global products at scale.

Melissa Wong

Melissa is the CEO & Co-Founder at Retail Zipline with over a decade of experience in retail at Gap and Old Navy.

Jonathan Snook

Snook is a designer, developer, author, speaker, and was early at Shopify, Abstract, and Squarespace.

Jeremy Baker

Jeremy is the CTO & Co-Founder at Retail Zipline and a serial entrepreneur with several successful exits.

Ian Storm Taylor

Ian is a designer, engineer, open-source creator, and the co-founder of Segment (acquired by Twilio).

Chris Martin

Chris is the COO & Co-Founder at MightyHive and Member of the Board of Directors at S4 Capital Group.

Stefan Nagey

Stefan is the co-founder of Capbase; a serial entreprenuer and seasoned product and engineering leader.

Kitt Hodsden

Kitt is an entreprenuer, speaker, and seasoned engineer with experience at Apple, Twitter, and Shopify.

Steve Smith

Steve is a seasoned designer, engineer, and the founder of Box Out Designs & Ordered List (acquired by Github).

J Cornelius

J is the Founder and President of Nine Labs with two-decades of experience building world-class web products.

Annika Monari

Annika is a blockchain entrepreneur, former physicist, multi-lingual TCK, avid drummer & Forbes 30 under 30.

Ian Rust

Ian a serial entrepreneur and was previously the founding engineer at Cruise prior to being acquired by GM.

Nicholas DePaul

Nicholas a seasoned FinTech user-experience operator with experience at Square, Brex, and Intuit.

Tom Ginattasio

Tom is the founder of Clover; his previous startup, Macaw, was acquired by Invision in 2016.

Founders Know Founders

The Meta Fund is a micro-fund that pools together LPs from a professional network of top-talent two-decades in the making with over a decade of investments utilizing our thesis and approach. We leverage the founders in our own networks and industries we know to invest primarily in early-stage founders and their teams; we help great teams grow.

We look for the best founders early in their next big thing. We invest in approximately one startup every month over the course of a year; our check sizes are between $25,000 and $150,000.

We Invest in Founder-Market-Fit

The Meta Fund invests primarily into Pre-Seed and Seed stage high-growth technology startups. We look for strong technical teams with charismatic founders building products in markets that are ripe for modernization.

We like to invest into markets we know well, which include: FinTech, Social Platforms, Developer Tools, E-commerce, and Two-sided Marketplaces. Above all else, we invest in founders that we believe in, we believe that the road-trip is as important as the road-map.

Pitch the Fund

We invest in early-stage founders and their teams; and we'd love to meet you and your team. Tell us a little bit more about yourself and what you're building and someone from our team will be in touch about next potential steps.